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The EY Sustainability Matters podcast

Jun 10, 2024

The case for climate action is often presented in terms of facts and data: detailing scientific evidence and financial risk. But is it time to explore different ways to communicate the message; to try an approach that focuses more on human stories and emotions?

In this episode of the Sustainability Matters podcast, Bruno Sarda is joined by two colleagues from EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS): Managing Director Karima Zedan at Ernst & Young LLP and the Gareth Jenkins, EY Global CCaSS Head of Creative at Ernst & Young LLP, to discuss ways to reframe the sustainability narrative.

Behavior change is not happening fast enough to meet climate change realities. The guests suggest that engaging the hearts as well as the minds of businesses, and bringing to life the impact on people, culture and society, is a more compelling narrative. Gareth points out that people, whether at home or the boardroom, respond to stories instinctively, and can be challenged and inspired by them.

The guests discuss the importance of engaging with different audiences, from the C-suite to investors and employees. Karima emphasizes how sustainability initiatives may have a positive impact not only on the company and the brand but also on the employees and wider community.

Gareth then gives some fascinating insight into the innovative EY Four Futures experience that was first presented at COP28 — an immersive installation that explores different outcomes from four potential future scenarios. Through the power of hearing each of the four stories, Four Futures can inspire joint action today.

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