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The EY Sustainability Matters podcast

Aug 13, 2021

Podcast host Chris Hagler is joined by guests Ann Meitz, Vice President of Sustainability and Packaging Innovation at 3M and Mark Weick, Managing Director in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Practice, and circular economy services lead. Together they discuss opportunities for circular transformation including product design, material sourcing, reselling byproducts, right-to-repair, and end-of-life management.

The global production and use of food and consumer goods has a large impact on our environment and is anticipated to experience a tremendous increase. One study estimates that the growth of the global middle class by 2030 will result in consumers adding the equivalent of a second United States to global consumption. 3M is one consumer products business that is pursuing innovative changes to manufacturing and design to advance the circular economy.

By thinking holistically about the impacts of manufacturing and product changes, 3M has shown that it is possible to reduce waste while achieving characteristics like enhanced product performance and even elevated end user efficiency.

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